We are a loosely-knit, tightly-honed group of educators dedicated to working together to address our common dream of providing open and ethical online tools to educators.

We are still in the early stages of our work, but you can read a provisional (and evolving) statement of principles here.

In process

Soon this site will feature a gallery, allowing co-op members across BC’ public post-secondary education sector to quickly select and adopt WordPress sites that are pre-themed, pre-configured and pre-seeded with resources and media. This should speed up development time, make life easier for new users, promote collaboration.

Some of these frameworks will be:

The SPLOT Writer. A generic master site clones to uses at TRU (http://l21c.trubox.ca/) and UNBC (http://unbc.biol312.ca/).

Starter portfolios such http://ikmeportfolio.trubox.ca/ and http://culturalidentity.trubox.ca/ with embedded tutorials and writing prompts.

Online instructional sites such as https://www.fentanylsafety.com/ with quiz tools, etc… via plugins such as LearnDash.




As we begin to hoist anchor and set sail, we could not be more excited to share where are at with our friends and colleagues at the #OER17 conference in London, England. Our materials are available at https://oer17.opened.ca/ Thanks to Alan Levine for letting us take his new SPLOTPoint presentation theme out for a spin!


For now, you can find us out and about… For instance, on Twitter: Grant Potter (@grantpotter), Tannis Morgan (@tanbob), Brian Lamb (@brlamb)

We are grateful for the assistance and guidance we receive from BCCampus, particularly Clint Lalonde (@edtechfactotum).