If you have not seen the description of the OpenETC before, our ethos of “contributions not contracts” in offering educational technology to BC higher education students is suggested as

No contracts or agreements are required to join us, just a willingness and ability to actively participate. 


If you have used, benefitted from an OpenETC service or contributed in some way , a small way you can help us to share that back with the community. We offer places to nominate someone else’s site that inspires you or another pace where you can share the story of your own work.

We hope you contribute there, but as a quicker approach, you can help build a collection of “OpenETC Sharebacks”, both to show our funders what we do but also to let the world know what an edtech cooperative can achieve.

It’s rather easy!

OpenETC Shareback

  • Your name is never required, but we would love to credit you.
  • Tell us any way you contributed to the OpenETC (e.g. answering questions, offering tips in Mattermost, commenting on other people’s blogs). Or let us know something you created here that you are proud of (e.g. a WordPress portolio or course site, or just a piece of original content, an experience on Mattermost, an app hosted in Sandstorm). Provide as little or as much detail, including possible a URL to anything you would like to share.
  • Let us know if we can post this in a collection to the OpenETC web site, or if we just should keep it to ourselves.

Thanks for sharing (and multiple shares are more than acceptable).

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