The community creates and shares… here are some resources that have been created by the OpenETC community that are helpful to others.

As a co-op we ask everyone to consider how they can contribute back to the OpenETC. One approach would be to write support documentation or tips for us. Contact us if you have something to contribute to the resources above.

Look for ways you can contribute back to the OpenETC, including:

  • OpenETC Inspire: Share a site that someone else has created here (a peer? a student? a course? a site you randomly stumbled across) that inspires you. Share it for others to see.
  • Stories of OpenETC in Action: Contribute a 5 minute story telling why your site or experience here at the OpenETC has been meaningful, valuable, or just so worth it.

You can also find support channels within our OpenETC Mattermost Community.

If you are on twitter, follow and message as @OpenETC (look for the chicken!)