Free Range Edtech

How to create an account and/or get a site

Step 1: create a Opened login account

If you already have an account on any opened site, please login and then return to this page.

Note: you must use your institutional email address to create an account login.

Step 2: create a Opened site

Select a site name, you do not have to accept a suggested sitename, you can use your own, but follow the naming restrictions carefully.

Carefully select the template that you wish your site to be based upon. (If this site is for a course you are taking the template name will likely have been provided to you by your instructor.)

Select your privacy options.

  • Search engines are internet sites such as Google, Bing, and Duck Duck Go that are used by the general public to locate websites.
  • Registered users of this network include any registered user on any Trubox website
  • Registered users/Administrators of this site include yourself and users that you specifically give accounts/administrator permissions on your site to. This is a good option to select if you only want yourself and, for instance, your instructor to be able to view your site.

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