In the first of an unspecified number of interviews with institutional leads using the OpenETC (yes, that is a hint, drop us a note in Mattermost if you would like to feature!) we spoke to Emily Schudel, Instructional Designer at Camosun College.

Download MP3 25’56”, 20.5MB

In this recording Emily describes:

  • How the OpenETC complements and extends the technologies available locally at Camosun.
  • Using the OpenETC WordPress to quickly create a one-stop shop for learning technology tutorials, supporting the pivot to remote learning for faculty and students (
  • Supporting health and human services colleagues flip an interdisciplinary event from face to face to a participatory event on the open web, using a SPLOT to showcase student presentations and solicit feedback and comments.
  • How participation in projects hosted on the OpenETC has seen colleagues at Camosun get started with building their own sites on the platform and engaging with the community in Mattermost for any questions.
  • Her plans to start using the OpenETC and the templating tools to support students at Camosun to create their blogs and ePortfolios.
  • Being a part of the wider OpenETC community and being able to draw on and contribute to our collective expertise.